Double Barrel PVC Filter Pack

Sinclair’s Double Barrel is a PVC screen with integral bonded sand filter pack. The filter pack contains silica sand of your choice, in either coarse, medium, or fine gradation. It is available with 2 tpi flush thread-joints. Used where PVC is acceptable, Double Barrel facilitates placements in soils that cannot easily be held back or in hazardous operations requiring limited exposures. Simple to install! Also available in stainless steel, HDPE.

Double Barrel PVC Filter Pack



Well Cleaning Chemicals


Cotey Chemical Corp

Dry Acid Special
Wellgicide Cleaner
Dry Acid
Liquinox Acid Descaler


Other Chemicals

Baroid Treating Chemicals
Cotey Chemicals
Johnson Treating Chemicals

Sinclair carries the complete line of Cotey Chemical Corp and Johnson Screens products for cleaning of wells and casings. An industry leader Coteys line of products can handle a wide range of wells and help increase production of wells affected by many different problems. Sinclair can recommend which products to use for different situations.


Matex Rock Drill Oil
Jet Lube
Kopr Kote
Well Guard
Husky Guard
Orang Aide
King Stuff

Lubricants are very important for keeping equipment running and in good working condition for years to come. Sinclair offers a large variety of lubricants for use by water well drillers, Sinclair provides: rock drill oils, rod and pipe grease, copper based products for high heat and pressures. Sinclair can supply the solution to all your lubrication needs.