Drilling Equipment

The combined resources of Sinclair Well Products now offer our customers quality products and proven monitoring well services.

In addition, Sinclair stocks a complete line of rig accessories. The
Combination of these two industry leaders will greatly enhance the efficiency of our customers.

Rig Parts and Accessories:

  • Continuous Flight Augers Hollow Stem Augers
  • Hollow Stem Augers
  • Soil Samplers and Shelby Tubes
  • Down hole Hammers
  • Miscellaneous Bits and Accessories
  • Various Drill Rods
  • Hoses and Swivels
  • And many more rig and replacement parts.

Casing Pullers

To meet various customer needs, Sinclair provides a selection of PVC casing pullers designed for rugged field use and easy operation. Once again, our customers can rely on the collective expertise and experience of Sinclair monitoring experts who set new cost-effective standards for abandoning wells.

Sinclair offers the Easy Pull as an alternative to makeshift pullers that require excess time and money. Available in a 2 & 4 configurations to meets specific pulling requirements.

Surface Casing Pullers

Sinclair casing pullers are designed to pull PVC casing from the surface by inter-locking teeth into the casing. This innovative surface puller has been tested with an upward pulling capability of greater than 15,000 lbs.

Downhole Casing Pullers

Downhole casing pullers are well suited for pulling pipe from the bottom up and providing optimum upward pull. The downhole puller eases operations by allowing the release of tools if necessary. These pullers are designed to screw onto standard AW rods and are available in several diameters to meet specific pulling requirements.

Water Well Drilling Tooling


Drilling Equipment

Sandvik  Hammers & Bits

Tri-Cone Bits Retips & Reruns

Drill Pip

Kennametal Products


Sinclair provides only the highest quality equipment for the use in water well drilling, from down the hole hammers to tri-cone bits to solids control equipment. Sinclair can help supply the water well driller with quality equipment at a great price.Sinclair Well Products offers a wide range of Kennametal products for your drilling needs. These cutting tools are designed to stand up to the toughest applications.